Doesn’t matter, you are a novice or an experienced driver, its crucial to drive safely to prevent the risks of life threatening accidents. Though the road infrastructure in Calgary promotes fewer accidents, rough driving especially during night can result in mishaps. To remain safe behind the wheel, one should know the tactics and tips to drive on countryside roads and highways.

how to drive safely at night

Young drivers are usually not aware of the risks associated with night driving. They often undertake challenges of high speed driving that expose them to dangers, they cannot even think of. If you are not concerned about your safety, think of others whom your vehicle may hit during a crash. To stay and reach safely on your destination, its advised to drive with extra precaution. If you are novice, seek lessons from a car driving school Calgary to become an experienced night driver.

Some expert night driving tips are :

1. Use lights & indicators  :  One of the crucial thing to follow while moving out with your car at night is to turn on the lights and indicator. Check the vehicle headlights to make sure that the bulbs aren’t faulty. If any of the headlights are not working, its greatly advised to stay at home rather than risking your life in dark. Also, turn on the indicator whenever turning in any direction.

2. Stay alert  :  Since most of the accident victims are those who were not at fault, its best practice to stay alert all the time you are on road. Stay extra caution while driving at night to keep yourself aware of the approaching vehicles, both from the rear and front side.

3. Follow speed limits  :  Speed limits are carefully made and planned to ensure safety of a driver and passers-by. Crossing these limits can turn out to be dangerous, especially during night. Moreover, if the road is curvy and you are not driving at the decided speed, end result won’t be in your favour. To reach home safely at night, its recommended following all roadside signals and speed limits.

4. Stick to a lane  :  Overtaking a vehicle that too at night can turn out to be a deadly decision. If the vehicle ahead of you is extra slow, consider overtaking it and return on the same lane. Since visibility is less at night due to darkness, never stay in the middle of the road. Stick to a lane and keep a safe distance between the vehicle ahead of you.

Driving at night is a lot different from day. One needs to learn night driving skills to become an expert driver. These are the few tips that must be followed to ensure that you and your loved ones reach safe at home after hours of night driving.


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