Canada is considered a safe country for driving due to wider roads and managed traffic. When you are driving towards your destiny, you’ll drive on the right side and overtake on the left. Car driving laws vary from province to province and are a bit different in Alberta. One of the major cause of road accidents is fatigue.

Since Canada is famous for spectacular wildlife, there’s great need to drive with concentration. Its quite compulsory to follow driving rules and laws to avoid yourself from convictions. Therefore, its advised to enroll yourself in a car driving school Alberta to learn about traffic rules from trained instructors.

Few of the driving laws are mentioned below:

4746245921. Seat Belt Laws: According to this law, its compulsory to wear seat belt. Along with the driver, all passengers traveling in the car are required to wear a seat belt. A heavy fine of up to $500 can be charged, if you are caught without a belt.

2. Drink and Drive: Laws for a drink and drive offense are quite strict. The offensive limit is 80mg per 100ml of blood, but its different in some provinces. If you were previously convicted in a similar case, you’ll be refused to enter Canadian roads. Minimum punishment for the first offense is $1000 fine and license suspension for a year.

3. Must Carry Documents: It’s a necessity to carry vehicle documents while driving. One needs to owe a license that’s printed in either English or French. An international driving license is valid only for 3 months. Furthermore, driving without insurance documents is completely illegal.

4. Speed Limits: To ensure road safety, speed limits are mentioned in various road signs. Some of the limits are:
50 km/h in towns and cities
80 km/h on highways
100 km/h on rural freeways

5. Minimum Driving Age: This law varies based on provinces. In Alberta, one needs to attain an age of 14 to drive legally, while in rest of Canada its 16 years. Some car driving schools can teach you safe driving techniques even when you are less than the required age.

6. Safety Camera Warning Devices: Installing safety camera warning device is completely illegal in Canada. Despite the ban, many car manufacturing companies offer camera detection as a part of their service package. If one is caught using this device, a fine of $650 can be penalized.

7. On the Spot Fines: Most often, the traffic violations are dealt by a ticket. One has to pay a fine to the administration or has to visit a court. In few provinces, minor offenses are handled quickly by penalizing on the spot fines.

8. Child Safety Rules : This special law for children safety states that all kids who are less than forty pounds of weight must travel on a child safety seat. Toddlers and babies should be fixed on a baby seat that must face the rear of the car. After they attain the age of two, use a booster seat.

These were the few car safety laws that should be followed strictly while driving in Alberta. Universal Driving School is a leading driving school in Calgary that aims to teach the best and defensive car driving skills to new drivers.


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