pass-your-driving-testThe practical driving test on the road is the last step before getting your license. In order to clear the test, it is crucial to prepare for it as you would prepare for your school or college exams. A few mistakes are allowed during the test, but plenty of mistakes can dangerous for you.

Preparing for the road test is both intimidating and exciting. Most of the drivers want to get it right the first time attempt. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to prepare yourself for the test. Here are some common mistakes listed that you should avoid on the driving test.

1. Not getting enough practice: To clear any kind of exam or task, practice is crucial. Practice and more practice will help you pass it with confidence. Sometimes, people have not taken driving lessons from a professional instructor. In that case, they don’t know about what is expected of him or her during the test. Whether you are an experienced driver or not, but it is good to take a lesson from a professional instructor.

2. Not having full control of the vehicle: On the day of the test, an examiner will look for that you have full command and control of your vehicle. If you are terrified by the car or show the lack of confidence in your driving, you will fail to follow the instructions on an examiner and will never clear the test. Make sure you are familiar with your vehicle that you will be using in the test.

3. Low speed or failing to follow speed limit: Driving with too low speed can cause you to fail the road test. Don’t look at other drivers even if they are driving faster. Pay attention to the speed limit, especially in hospital zones, work zones, and school zones. Many people do not mitigate the speed when they enter into special speed limit areas. It can cause a critical error on the test.

4. Forgetting about mirrors: Rear view mirror and side mirrors, don’t forget about them. Ignoring them when you are backing up can be a dangerous mistake for you. When backing up make sure the way is clear, there is nothing in the way. You should check them before start your road test.

5. Feeling stressed and nervous: There is no doubt that people get stressed and nervous before taking a road test. Stressed people fail to pay attention or have poor concentration on their driving. In some cases let the situation go out of the control. To avoid stress and nervousness, it is crucial to take a good sleep the night before the road test.

These are some common mistake people do during the road test. These can be easily avoided. Be confident and achieve your goal. Once you have passed the test, you will get your driving license. If you want to learn driving, come to us at the Universal Driving School in Calgary.


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