Seven Driving Rules Helping L Drivers

Learning to drive a car is the most adventurous phase of everyone’s life. With a start of a new day, there is always one new vehicle and driver on the road. It has become the most common phenomenon in today’s time. Being a new driver, one must make sure that he is following the rules while learning the basics. But, there is a large number of drivers who take the safety rule for granted and it results in accident.


If you want to start from the initial stage then you can take help from the driving lessons that will help you to become a safe and perfect driver. To have an appropriate driving school in Calgary, search online and pick up the best option for you.

Following are the Important Rules To Follow While Learning to Drive A Car :

Rule No 1:  Wear Seat Belts

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Wearing a seat belt is the most important rule that every new learner should follow while driving. It ensures the safety of driver as well as of other passengers. These belts are helpful in eliminating the dangerous injuries.

Rule No 2 : Keep Your Vehicle On Right

While driving, always keep your vehicle on the right side. By following this rule, you can drive more safely on road.

Rule No 3: Use Hand signals

It’s good to learn the hand signals and make their use if there is any kind of issue with the indicator lights. One can make use of these hand signals when the vehicle is about to slow down, stop or about to turn to the left.

Rule No 4: Do Proper Parking

When you are parking your vehicle, always make sure that its position does not cause any danger and inconvenience to others. There are a number of expert driving instructors in Calgary who can give you proper training on each and every driving concept.

Rule No 5: Do Not Create Extra Noise

A driver should only blow the horn when its needed. It’s better to use multi-toned horns that do not create harsh sound on driving.

Rule No 6: Strictly Follow Traffic Signs

It is very important for the learner to follow the traffic signal lights. They also have to follow the instructions given by the traffic policemen to drive more safely.

Rule No 7: Always Carry Documents With You

The person who is driving a vehicle should always carry the important documents. A driver must have a driving license, certificate of taxation, insurance as well as registration certificate is necessary to hold.

By attending the classes at one of the driving schools in Calgary, a learner can quickly grasp the driving skills. To become a professional driver, one must learn all the rules and regulations that are helpful in achieving the goal easily.


How To Get Alberta Driving License In Calgary – Universal Driving School

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Are you excited to have a driver’s license that can increase your freedom of movement in Alberta? If yes, then start preparing for the test as the process is not at all easy. As an Alberta resident, you have to fulfill the graduated licensing requirements that are necessary to file a drivers license test. Its important that you can show up how safely you can handle a vehicle on the road to have an Alberta driving license in no time. A reputed car driving school in Calgary can help you to get started.

Few things to do to for getting a drivers license are :

1. Make Sure You Qualify  :   The foremost thing to do is a littImage result for Make Sure You Qualify  for drivingle research that can help you get an idea on how to meet the licensing requirements. Basically, there will be a vision test with a minimum age restriction of 16 years. The age restriction differs depending on the category of vehicle you are choosing. For ex: for getting a truck license, a person should be at least 18 years of age.

2. Study for Alberta Driver’s Test   :   Alike all other driving tests, there is need to study Image result for class 7 practice tests  for drivingto certify for the learners test. There are many online and offline resources that can assist you in this and one of the easy one is Alberta drivers manual. It includes all vital information that is needed to pass class 7 practice tests.

3. Enroll in Driving Schools   :  If you are serious about the test and want to practice your driving skills, consider enrolling in a popular Calgary driving school. Focus to learn valuable classroom instructions and practice behind the wheel skills. In this way, you can learn safe driving that can assist you in clearing Alberta road test.

4. Take a Written Test  :  To start driving on the road, you need to have your learners permit known as class 7 license. Schedule a written test by filling out an application form. After that, verify your identity by providing proofs like a birth certificate, passport and address details. One can opt for giving test in any language, including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Farsi, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

5. Get Learner’s License  :  Once you pass the written test, you’ll be certified to get aImage result for Get Learner’s License provisional license or learners permit. This driving license will help you to learn on road driving, but only when you have a driver instructor by your side.

These are some of the things that can help you get a learners license in Alberta. After you get this license, enroll yourself in a driving school to learn behind the wheel basics. Universal Driving School is a local and trusted car driving school in Calgary that is helping both adults and youngsters to learn safe driving skills to get an Alberta Driving License.

Driving School Calgary – 4 Expert Driving Tips To Drive Safely At Night

Doesn’t matter, you are a novice or an experienced driver, its crucial to drive safely to prevent the risks of life threatening accidents. Though the road infrastructure in Calgary promotes fewer accidents, rough driving especially during night can result in mishaps. To remain safe behind the wheel, one should know the tactics and tips to drive on countryside roads and highways.

how to drive safely at night

Young drivers are usually not aware of the risks associated with night driving. They often undertake challenges of high speed driving that expose them to dangers, they cannot even think of. If you are not concerned about your safety, think of others whom your vehicle may hit during a crash. To stay and reach safely on your destination, its advised to drive with extra precaution. If you are novice, seek lessons from a car driving school Calgary to become an experienced night driver.

Some expert night driving tips are :

1. Use lights & indicators  :  One of the crucial thing to follow while moving out with your car at night is to turn on the lights and indicator. Check the vehicle headlights to make sure that the bulbs aren’t faulty. If any of the headlights are not working, its greatly advised to stay at home rather than risking your life in dark. Also, turn on the indicator whenever turning in any direction.

2. Stay alert  :  Since most of the accident victims are those who were not at fault, its best practice to stay alert all the time you are on road. Stay extra caution while driving at night to keep yourself aware of the approaching vehicles, both from the rear and front side.

3. Follow speed limits  :  Speed limits are carefully made and planned to ensure safety of a driver and passers-by. Crossing these limits can turn out to be dangerous, especially during night. Moreover, if the road is curvy and you are not driving at the decided speed, end result won’t be in your favour. To reach home safely at night, its recommended following all roadside signals and speed limits.

4. Stick to a lane  :  Overtaking a vehicle that too at night can turn out to be a deadly decision. If the vehicle ahead of you is extra slow, consider overtaking it and return on the same lane. Since visibility is less at night due to darkness, never stay in the middle of the road. Stick to a lane and keep a safe distance between the vehicle ahead of you.

Driving at night is a lot different from day. One needs to learn night driving skills to become an expert driver. These are the few tips that must be followed to ensure that you and your loved ones reach safe at home after hours of night driving.

Driving Tips To Become An Expert Car Driver

Driving a vehicle isn’t easy as it seems to be. One needs to have good driving skills, practice and concentration to get behind the wheels on a highway. Even an expert driver can fail, if he’s driving speedily or recklessly. No matter, you are an untrained teenager or an adult, there’s always a room for improvement that can be achieved with Calgary driving school classes and regular practice.

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Few ways to learn better car driving are :

1. Practice Regularly  :  The foremost thing that can turn even the dumbest individual intoImage result for Driving Tips To Become An Expert Car Driver Practice Regularly an expert is practice. Since nuisance car driving is life threatening, there’s need to learn proper driving tricks for the sake of your and others safety. Practice for just one day or even a week isn’t enough to drive on a road with heavy traffic.

2. Don’t Drive When Drunk Or Sleepy  :   Related imageAll of us know that most of the road accidents occur due to drink and drive pairing. Moreover, a serious lack of sleep can allow a driver to drowse that gradually results in a deadly crash. Never choose to drive a car yourself, in case, you are drunk, ill or sleepy.

3. Cover Your Blind Spots With Mirror  :  For defensive driving, there’s need to adjust and Image result for Cover Your Blind Spots With Mirrorfocus the rear view mirrors in a way that you are able to keep a watch on the vehicles coming from behind. Try to adjust the side mirrors in an outward direction, so that they cover your blind spot directions.

4. Handle The Steering Wheel Properly  : Image result for Handle The Steering Wheel Properly All Calgary driving instructors teach their trainees to keep their hands on the steering wheel at the clock positions of 3 and 6 or 4 and 8. This helps in getting more control and stability over the vehicle. These positions allow the muscles to relax, thereby causing less tiredness and more attention.

5. Enroll In A Driving School Program  :  One of the convenient way to learn complex road tricks in an easiest way is to enroll yourself in a professional car driving school in Calgary. This can Image result for Enroll In A Driving School Programcome up as a good refresher course that allows an individual to master at defensive driving. Moreover, if you are a first time driver who’s looking to get driver’s license, then such programs are quite beneficial for you.

These were the few ways to become an expert car driver who can drive carefully in all circumstances. Universal Driving School is a premier institute that offers top quality driving programs and courses in Calgary that aims to teach defensive car driving to new and experienced drivers.

6 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Driving Skills

On-road driving needs focus, practice, skills and proper attention. Its truly said that learning never finishes. Its good to learn with every moment. This goes hand in hand with driving too. Driving is a skill that involves learning a lot of things and tricks to become a better driver.

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Proper driving with good skills can help in saving your as well as others life, whereas bad driving can make a person fall in a dangerous situation. Learning to drive at a young age can help an individual to become a better driver. One can enroll himself in a reputed car driving school in Calgary to learn perfect and safe driving skills.

Few tips to improve driving are :

1. Practice  :  Practice makes a man perfect’ is a true phrase. Nothing can take an individual to perfection, other than practice. No matter, whether one is an experienced driver or had just started to learn to drive, the more he practices, the more he’ll become better.

2. Avoid Distractions  :  Most of the car accidents occur due to road distractions. Listening to mobile, changing music, looking at the scenery etc, can cause distraction that can compel a person to lose attention and focus. Gradually, the chances of becoming a victim to accident rises up.

3. Sleep  :  While driving, avoid sleep to overpower you at every cost. Its better to sleep before going out for a long drive to freshen up your body and mind. A sleep deprived body is likely to get tired and fall unconscious, thereby risking self and other person’s safety.

4. Handling Traffic :  An untrained driver can stuck himself in traffic, since he isn’t well aware of the way to drive. To deal with traffic, stay calm and don’t lose control over the vehicle. One of the easiest way to cope up with traffic is that one should wait for their turn to move forward. Driving in a daunting and aggressive way can end up in a damaged vehicle or quarrel.

5. Mirrors  :  Learn the habit of looking into the rear view mirrors, as they act as a third eye for all blind spots. One can know about the position of the approaching vehicles by looking into the mirrors to drive accordingly.

6. Parking  :  Another crucial thing one needs to learn about driving is the way to park a vehicle in a congested parking lot. To learn this skill in a proper way one should consult a qualified driving instructor. Practice the parking skills to avoid a car from dents and dings.

These were the few tips that should be concentrated upon to learn the perfect driving skills. Universal driving is a professional driving school that provides driving lessons and driver refreshing courses in Calgary to help a person refine his road driving skills to the best possible level.

Top 4 Benefits of Enrolling In Car Driving Programs

Whether you’re a youngster who’s looking to get his Alberta driver’s license or an adult who’s in need of a refresher course, a driving school can help to a good extent. For mature drivers, who want to check their driving ability or want to improve their skills, undergoing a driver training program is an ideal choice.
aa010760Though it’s possible to learn to drive on your own or from an adult, the end result will be that you won’t be able to go in-depth of the driving lessons. There are chances that one may develop unsafe road driving habits, thereby risking own and others life. To avoid all this, it’s advised to stay confident behind the wheel by enrolling yourself in a Calgary car driving school.

Few reasons pointing that driver training is a good choice are:

1. Foundation to learn new skills: For new or early learners, driver’s education offers a solid foundation for learning traffic rules and skills that tends to last forever. Formal training programs that consists of classroom lessons and practical instructions, concentrate on equipping young drivers with correct driving knowledge and techniques that ensures that they are safe on roads.
2. Brushing up of lessons: All major driving academies offer fresh driving programs along with driver improvement courses that are designed for adults. Drivers who want to brush up their skills, opt for such programs. If you recently moved to Alberta from a place where driving conditions were a little different and are finding it odd to drive on these roads, a driver improvement course can make sense.
3. Target on individual skills: For older or senior drivers, its important to keep a check on their driving ways, as many technological changes are being done both on roads and road signs. If you’re a mature driver in Alberta and want to choose driving as a profession, you may need to enroll in senior driver refresher courses that are specifically designed to target refining needs.
4. Clean driving record: Apart from developing proper driving habits, a driving program often results in reduced car insurance premiums as the risk of accidents decrease to a great extent. If one has learned by taking regular driving school programs in Calgary, he’s more likely to have a clean driving record and lower insurance rates. This will help in saving up to 30% on car insurances and claims.

These were the few benefits offered by car driving programs for people from all walks of life. Universal Driving School is a trusted driving school in Calgary that provides wide range of programs that are determined to help aspiring drivers to succeed in Alberta driving test.

Top 8 Safe Driving Laws in Alberta

Canada is considered a safe country for driving due to wider roads and managed traffic. When you are driving towards your destiny, you’ll drive on the right side and overtake on the left. Car driving laws vary from province to province and are a bit different in Alberta. One of the major cause of road accidents is fatigue.

Since Canada is famous for spectacular wildlife, there’s great need to drive with concentration. Its quite compulsory to follow driving rules and laws to avoid yourself from convictions. Therefore, its advised to enroll yourself in a car driving school Alberta to learn about traffic rules from trained instructors.

Few of the driving laws are mentioned below:

4746245921. Seat Belt Laws: According to this law, its compulsory to wear seat belt. Along with the driver, all passengers traveling in the car are required to wear a seat belt. A heavy fine of up to $500 can be charged, if you are caught without a belt.

2. Drink and Drive: Laws for a drink and drive offense are quite strict. The offensive limit is 80mg per 100ml of blood, but its different in some provinces. If you were previously convicted in a similar case, you’ll be refused to enter Canadian roads. Minimum punishment for the first offense is $1000 fine and license suspension for a year.

3. Must Carry Documents: It’s a necessity to carry vehicle documents while driving. One needs to owe a license that’s printed in either English or French. An international driving license is valid only for 3 months. Furthermore, driving without insurance documents is completely illegal.

4. Speed Limits: To ensure road safety, speed limits are mentioned in various road signs. Some of the limits are:
50 km/h in towns and cities
80 km/h on highways
100 km/h on rural freeways

5. Minimum Driving Age: This law varies based on provinces. In Alberta, one needs to attain an age of 14 to drive legally, while in rest of Canada its 16 years. Some car driving schools can teach you safe driving techniques even when you are less than the required age.

6. Safety Camera Warning Devices: Installing safety camera warning device is completely illegal in Canada. Despite the ban, many car manufacturing companies offer camera detection as a part of their service package. If one is caught using this device, a fine of $650 can be penalized.

7. On the Spot Fines: Most often, the traffic violations are dealt by a ticket. One has to pay a fine to the administration or has to visit a court. In few provinces, minor offenses are handled quickly by penalizing on the spot fines.

8. Child Safety Rules : This special law for children safety states that all kids who are less than forty pounds of weight must travel on a child safety seat. Toddlers and babies should be fixed on a baby seat that must face the rear of the car. After they attain the age of two, use a booster seat.

These were the few car safety laws that should be followed strictly while driving in Alberta. Universal Driving School is a leading driving school in Calgary that aims to teach the best and defensive car driving skills to new drivers.